A Gift of Land: Perspectives on Land and Legacy with Lance Woodbury

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Land gives us stories. Land as a gift is unique!

About this Event
Among all of the financial assets you pass on to the next generation, perhaps none is as valuable and unique as your agricultural land. Indeed, land holds a special place in our psyche: We’ve heard “they don’t make any more of it,” And, we’re reminded of Warren Buffett’s statement that he’d prefer all the farmland in the United States to all of the gold in the world.

In this program we will discuss the following:

1. Why farm and ranch land is a unique asset

2. Psychological or family barriers in the transfer of land.

3. Opportunities to engage families in thinking about land.

Learning Objectives for this program include:

1. Understand why land is different than most other assets.

2. Learn family business dynamics that inhibit the successful transfer of land.

3. Discover strategies for engaging potential owners of land in discussions about gifts and legacy.

Our Presenter:
Lance Woodbury provides facilitation and mediation services to family-owned agriculture enterprises working through communication and conflict, succession and strategic planning, family giving, estate planning and governance.
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7:55 – 8:05 am Welcome and Introductions 8:05 – 9:00 am Program