A Candid Exploration for Donors and Advisors
on What Gifts Can (and Cannot) be Accepted
and Counted by Charities.

So, what makes a good gift to your favorite charity?  Well, it might surprise some donors what can and cannot be accepted.  And, it’s often a tough conversation that charities must have with a donor who simply wants to support the organization with a “gift.”

Certainly, current or deferred gifts of cash and marketable securities are always welcome! But, what about other rather “unique” gifts, such as investment real estate, artwork, coin collections, farm equipment, gifts held in trust, contingent gifts, bargain sales, shared interests, negligible future interests and much more.  Phil will explore what makes for good gift acceptance and counting policies and why they are so important to charitable organizations that wish to be grateful as well as discerning in encouraging their donors’ creativity and philanthropy.  Furthering the mission of the organization must be paramount, but satisfying the philanthropic and/or tax-motivated interests of their donors also deserves attention.  So, what types of gifts should really be encouraged, accepted and counted?  And, which should be discouraged?

Phil will share a few stories and explore the delicate “balance” needed in protecting charities and recognizing the good will of donors and their advisors to create meaningful, appropriate and effective current and deferred gifts.

7:30 – 7:50 am Registration/Breakfast
7:50 – 8:00 am Announcements
8:00 – 9:00 am Program

Presenter:  Philip A. Watson – Managing Director of Philanthropic Gift Planning / Children’s Mercy / Kansas City, Missouri

Phil is responsible for the management and leadership of the Gift Planning team in the Department of Philanthropy at Children’s Mercy. His team assists donors and friends of Children’s Mercy in creating deferred or planned gifts to support the hospital’s mission through wills and trusts, retirement accounts, appreciated securities, life insurance, real estate, charitable gift annuities and other tax-advantaged gift techniques.

Phil brings 35 years of experience in charitable gift planning, financial and estate planning, trust and investment management, and endowment administration. He is motivated to help create a renewed culture of gift planning at Children’s Mercy to attract unique financial support that will be especially meaningful to donors and will help build and enhance the hospital for future generations.

Before joining the staff at Children’s Mercy, Phil served as Director of Gift Planning at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  He also served as Vice President of Advancement at Avila University after a 17-year career in trust and investment sales and administration in commercial banks in Kansas City, Wichita and Lawrence.  Phil has served on multiple boards and fundraising committees during his career.  He is a past President of the Mid-America Charitable Gift Planners and has also provided fundraising consulting services to charitable organizations in our region.

Phil holds Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Kansas.  He is also a former Certified Financial Planner.