2021 Scholarships

MACGP Scholarship for September 2021 – July 2022
Deadline: July 15, 2021
Up to 3 scholarships will be given

Key Criteria: Applications are open to all nonprofit and allied professionals seeking to further their scope of understanding in the field of Gift Planning. Preference will be given to nonprofit and allied professionals who are either new to the field or actively seeking work in the fundraising and will benefit from planned giving knowledge. Priority will be given to those working with small operating budgets. Recipients will pledge to serve on at least one MACGP committee. Recipients will need to pledge to 50% attendance at breakfast meetings (in person or virtually).

Scholarship includes the following:

1. Membership in MACGP for one year. Value: $150
• By accepting scholarship, recipient agrees to pledge to attend 50% of regularly scheduled MACGP breakfast meetings (in person or virtually).

2. Mentorship Program New this year. Value: Invaluable
• An assigned mentor for one year that will be available to you as you have questions related to your specific career. The mentor would meet with you on a mutually agreeable time to foster understanding of what you are learning and assist you in understanding how to incorporate and build Planned Giving in your institution. Mentor will give quarterly updates to the Scholarship Committee Chair.

3. The James Cole Building Blocks Scholarship. Value: $125
• Attend the annual MACGP Conference September 17, 2021, full day of training and interaction with others in the profession. Local and national speakers.

4. PG 101. Value: $30
• Planned Giving 101 is a half-day program designed as an introduction for professionals new to estate planning or to those who would benefit from a refresher course.

The Pamela Miller and Michael Cummings
CGP National Conference Scholarship

Value: Up to $2,000
Deadline: August 1, 2021
What it covers: Conference fee, hotel, and travel expense (Coach Airfare, Remote parking at KCI, and taxi or shuttle between airport and conference site.)
Who may apply: Current members (previous recipients are not eligible).
This scholarship has a maximum value of $2000 and is intended for small nonprofit professionals, small-shop/independent allied professionals, or fundraising/allied professionals new to the field of planned giving. It provides for the recipient full access to the next National Charitable Gift Planning Annual Conference . By accepting the scholarship, awardee agrees to attend event, submit all expense validation (as requested), volunteer on at least one committee for MACGP and provide Marketing Committee some quotes as to how they benefited from attendance.
Summarize after they attend and make a brief presentation at a meeting following the conference.

• Airfare (most economical available)
• Hotel – must use conference provided or a hotel of less or equal value
• Conference event fee paid at Early Bird rate
• Does not include meals, Jumpstart or any additional events

For more information, please email info@midamericacgp.org